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The Following are Lenders that many of my clients have worked with in the past. These Lenders are well qualified and have done a great job for my clients. The folowing Lenders are for informational purposes only. You may find any lender of your choice. Past experience has left me feeling comfortable in recommending the following:

Micah Filipsic                                            Scott Schindler

NMLSR 400530                                                     NMLSR 675511

Highlands Residential Mortgage                              First Bank Mortgage

5 Oak Dr                                                                4387 North Illinois St

Maryville, IL                                                          Swansea, IL. 62226

618 521 5319                                                        618 641 2150          


Jeff Berger                                                    Lisa Riess

NMLSR 231621                                                        NMLS 576190

Pulaski  Bank                                                          Veterans United Home Loans

1124 Hartman Ln                                                     747 Seibert RD, Suite 101

Shiloh, IL. 62269                                                      Scott Air Force Base, IL. 62225

618 589 9733                                                           618 973 4922